Preventing Homelessness in Reading

Working with other organisations

Launchpad are really pleased to be supporting other organisations that offer advice and help prevent homelessness in the town.


Frontline Debt Advice, is worrying about money keeping you awake at night?

We partner with Frontline Debt Advice to help people in Whitley who may be losing sleep at night through struggling to pay bills, having debts they can’t repay or waiting for a court order or bailiff to visit.

Frontline is at the South Reading Community Centre on Northumberland Avenue every Tuesday 10am to 1pm. They can help work out affordable repayment plans that could, for example, reduce repayments to just £1 a month and stop all interest charges on some debts.


Resolve Mediation Service, if you think you can’t stay at home anymore

Sometimes families fall out and someone has to leave home. Resolve Mediation Service, works with 18-35-year-olds who are at risk of losing their home through family eviction or because they feel they can’t say in the family home any longer. Mediation can help prevent people leaving home, sort out differences, and do what is going to be best for the future. Young people and their families, not the mediators, decide the outcomes.

Frontline and Resolve are invaluable services that complement the Launchpad Drop-in.