Preventing homelessness in Reading

CEO blog September

03 September 2018

One of the issues that faces this country is our ageing population. A headline in today`s paper suggests the number of people over 85 needing care will double in the next twenty years. This surge in help for the elderly is reflected in homelessness. Amelia* is 62 years old and suffers from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. After a series of domestic and personal issues she was evicted from her home. She was devastated at the idea that she was going to be living on the streets. She was advised to go to the Launchpad Drop-in. Amelia was quickly housed and 16 weeks later is going back to live independently in the community. Launchpad will continue to support her and hopefully make sure she doesn’t relapse. Launchpad is dealing with more elderly than ever and when people think of the homeless they do not think of 62 year olds.

*name changed to protect the people we support

Saint Augustine wrote: ‘If you take away justice, what are nations but massive gangs of thieves?’ Launchpad starts its pro-bono (free) legal advice for housing on 10 September. Legal aid for housing has been cut dramatically with large areas of work no longer eligible. This new service will bring justice to people who have been denied it.

Article of the Month

Hopefully we will see the end of the iniquitous ‘payment by results’ schemes, the article states  that MPs have told the Government to pause payment-by-results until there is proof that it works > 

TV Series of the Month

Borgen. Drama series on the first female Prime Minister of Denmark, fantastic series.

Film of the month

A Hard Day’s Night (1963). Wonderful to reminisce and remember when Liverpool seemed to be the centre of the music world.  A time when we thought the world was going to get better.