Preventing homelessness in Reading

CEO blog October

25 September 2018

Sometimes people`s lives go wrong, 10 years ago Rebecca* fled her marital home in Colchester due to domestic violence. She eventually came to Reading and tried to set up a new life in her housing association flat. Unfortunately it didn’t go well, she became involved in drugs and her mental health deteriorated. She came off the drugs but her mental health issues worsened and she began to horde in her flat. When her flat was due for an upgrade, she was passed by as the engineers refused to go in. She was disconnected from the gas system and hasn’t had hot water for eight years.

Two years ago she was referred to Launchpad. Over the last two years we have slowly helped her empty the flat and get contractors to come in to deep clean. Her gas boiler and heating system has been upgraded and she now has hot water. She is ecstatic and now loves bubble baths.

*name and some details changed to protect the people we help

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Hostiles. I don’t normally like Westerns but this is an intriguing story in the 1890s of a retiring cavalry officer who is asked to escort a Native American back to his reservation to die. It is a story of change and of sacrifice and an enjoyable movie.