Preventing Homelessness in Reading

World Homeless Day

Just one day. World Homeless Day is 10 October every year, an international day to raise awareness and encourage local communities to help those who are homeless.

World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day 10 October 2018, we raised awareness with other charities: Faith, CIRDIC, St Mungo’s and The Salvation Army of the support available in the town for people who are homeless and vulnerable to homelessness. Also supporters visited the charity to see what we do first-hand and Romans Group and Green Park fundraised and slept out for the night.

Town takeover

Launchpad, along with Faith, CIRDIC, St Mungo’s and The Salvation Army were on Broad Street raising awareness of all of the support available for those who are homeless in the town, vulnerable to becoming homeless and the hidden homeless.

Reading’s Business Parks slept out

On the night of World Homeless Day the business community of Reading got sponsored to sleep out at their respective business parks and raise money for Launchpad. Thank you Green Park and Romans Group for raising over £3,000.

If you’d like to find out about sleeping out at your business park on 10 October 2019 contact Jason McMahon, at

Launchpad tour

We opened our doors on World Homeless Day and invited supporters in to see what we do first-hand and received humbling feedback:

“It was brilliant, thanks. Very enlightened to see the comprehensive provision you offer. It’s an amazing place.”

“It’s great to understand more about what Launchpad does, & it strengthens my resolve not to give on the street but to donate to you instead.”

If you’d like to visit the charity please get in touch, you’re welcome to come and see us all year round. Please email if you’d like to visit.

Gave up lunch… just for one day

Supporters gave up their lunch money and donated to Launchpad instead, just for one day.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported, volunteered on the day and helped to raise awareness of homelessness in Reading on World Homeless Day 2018.