Preventing homelessness in Reading

Not just money

Donations and not just monetary donations can help the homeless in Reading.

We work closely with lots of other charities in the town who are able to accept your kind donations of food, furniture, bedding and clothing. Please contact them directly if you can help:



Our friends at CIRDIC and Faith would be very grateful for your food donations.

Their contact details are as follows:

CIRDIC telephone 0118 9502 536 or email 

Faith telephone 0118 9872672.

Furniture and bedding

We try to provide the best possible furniture in our Launchpad homes. Good quality furniture is an important part of building dignity and self-respect and helps instil a sense of ownership and encourage the items to be well looked after. We have very limited storage space at Launchpad, so please contact our friends at CCA with your furniture and bedding donations:

CCA donation line, 0118 951 2338 or email


Clothing donations are always welcome by our friends at CIRDIC. Please contact them directly on 0118 950 2536 or They are based at St Saviour’s Church Hall, Berkeley Avenue.


If you’re interested in volunteering on Christmas Day and over the Christmas period.

Find out more here >

Recycle your print cartridges to raise funds

We have partnered with The Recycling Factory to raise funds through the recycling of your unwanted inkjet cartridges.

Launchpad receives up to £3.50 for every recyclable inkjet cartridge and it won’t cost you a penny. The Recycling Factory provides a freepost label for small quantities of inkjet cartridges that you want to recycle.

Simply download and print the freepost label and attach to your package/envelope of inkjet cartridges (max weight 1kg) and post it.

If you have larger volumes of inkjet cartridges to recycle, simply contact The Recycling Factory on 0800 091 0696 or email, explaining that you wish to recycle on our behalf.