Preventing Homelessness in Reading

Donate through payroll

Make regular donations to Launchpad through your payroll and it’ll cost you less, because donations come out of your pay before tax.

It costs you less

If your salary or pension is paid regularly through payroll (PAYE), you can donate directly from your pay packet. Because these donations will come out of your pay before tax, they’ll cost you less – and we still benefit!

How to start giving

If you’d like to donate through payroll, please speak to your payroll team to find out if they offer a Give As You Earn or workplace giving scheme.

CAF and Charities Trust could help you and your employers achieve the most from payroll giving.

Our Fundraising Promise
Launchpad wouldn’t exist without our generous supporters. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support we receive and take pride in ensuring that all our fundraising is honest, legal, transparent and respectful of our donor’s wishes.

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