Preventing Homelessness in Reading

Preventing homelessness in Reading

Floating Support is the nationally recognised name for a preventing homelessness service. Our Floating Support service helps people with a range of housing-related challenges. Single parents, families, couples and single people can all get support.

We help people find somewhere suitable to live. That could mean finding long-term accommodation for people in emergency B&Bs or helping to keep people in their current home by working with other local housing providers and landlords. We help with benefit, budgeting and debt advice too.

We support up to 100 people at any one time with the Launchpad Floating Support service and support is for six weeks to six months. Last year we helped over 400 people.

Our Floating Support focuses on helping people to achieve stability, gain skills, tools and confidence and to understand the process they need to go through to break out of difficult situations.

Our help comes via a referral by Reading Borough Council Housing, Probation or a social worker. If you think this service might be for you, come along to our Drop-In and we can help you to get referred.

Preventing homelessness

What our Floating Support can help with

We really want to prevent homelessness in the town and our service does that by helping with the following:

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Who we’ve helped

Sophie* moved into her mum’s home with her two young children to care for her mum when she was dying of cancer. When her mum died she was evicted and ended up in emergency B&B accommodation for two years, with her five and seven year olds. She was bringing them up brilliantly in the face of adversity; the three of them lived in one room with no bath, cooker or garden.

Sophie was referred to Launchpad and her Support Worker Carrie helped Sophie to find more suitable accommodation. Eventually she and her children moved into a two bedroom flat with a garden.

* To help protect the privacy of those we help names have been changed