Preventing Homelessness in Reading

World Homeless Day

Just one day. World Homeless Day is Tuesday 10th October every year, an international day to raise awareness and encourage local communities to help those who are homeless.

World Homeless Day

We were so lucky to have had so much support from the local community for World Homeless Day:

Reading’s Corporates slept out

On the night of World Homeless Day the business community got sponsored to sleep out at their respective business parks and raise money for Launchpad. Green Park, Microsoft, Reading International Business Park and Romans Group all slept out and collectively raised over £15,000 in support of Launchpad.

Community support

We popped into community groups in and around Reading to highlight the work we do. Woodley Women’s Institute held a raffle, Charvil Brownies had a talk about homelessness from Ele our Fundraising Manager and Jason is gave an assembly to The Piggott School, Wargrave.

Town takeover

Launchpad, along with a number of charities and organisations in Reading, were in Broad Street raising awareness of all of the support available for those that are homeless in the town.

What home means to you

Supporters and staff shared on social media #whathomemeanstome

For supporter Jim home is his wife Diane and for Jo home is her cats. For Fundraising Manager Jason, home is returning to his goldfish Wilson and for Launchpad client Derek*, home is his front door – he passes lots of front doors during the day but only one of them is his.

Your old £1 coins

We accepted the old style £1 coins for donations on World Homeless Day before they went out circulation on Sunday 15 October.