Preventing Homelessness in Reading

Not just money

Launchpad can benefit in lots of ways and not just from monetary donations. Volunteering and other types of donations at certain times of the year can help make a real difference to local lives.


When the temperature is forecast to drop to zero degrees for three nights or more those that are sleeping rough are at increased health risks. We work with the council, other local charities and agencies to implement the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) to provide emergency shelter to rough sleepers in winter. They are given a hot meal, space to wash, and a safe, warm place to sleep when it’s most needed.

We have kindly received lots of donations for SWEP and at the moment unfortunately don’t have any storage for anything else. We’re sure to need more food donations in the new year, especially if we have a very cold winter, please check back again for an update.

Furniture and white goods

We try to provide the best possible furniture in our Launchpad homes, good quality furniture is an important part of building dignity and self-respect and helps instil a sense of ownership and encourage the items to be well looked after.

Unfortunately we have very little storage space to keep large items so please contact us if you have an item you’d like to donate and we can hopefully find a good home for it or recommend another charity that may be able to benefit.


We are grateful when anyone thinks of Launchpad. But we’re only able to accept clothing for the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP). We’re incredibly grateful for all donations and we are currently full to bursting and are unable to accept anymore donations at the moment, please check back again soon for an update.

You may wonder why we don’t accept suits or shirts. When our clients have been successful in being invited to an interview Karen our Education, Training and Employment (ETE) Co-ordinator as part of their support and budget management takes them shopping with the money they receive in Benefits to buy suitable clothes for an interview – this is all part of them moving towards independent living and helping themselves.