Preventing Homelessness in Reading

CEO blog November

Haslams Ball. To quote another scouser Paul McCartney “maybe I’m amazed”.

I’m amazed at the fantastic support from the people of Reading and Berkshire. On Friday night the Haslams Ball in support of Launchpad raised £100K, unbelievable. The money will be used to build houses for the vulnerable single homeless people of Reading. Steve Woodford was incredible in his ability to organise and galvanise people for this event on behalf of Launchpad.

Sometimes it is about getting the basics right. John* one of our staff members is working with Andrea*, a woman in her early fifties. She is isolated and has long term mental health issues. She also doesn’t tidy or clean her house. It is dirty, run down and needs some TLC. John had a number of discussions with Andrea about cleaning the property without any real success. Eventually he, Andrea and two volunteers decided to tidy the place up. All four got down and started to clear the property. Slowly they cleared the place up. They did not clear it completely but enough to make a difference. Andrea is now getting out of the house more, not far, but out for a coffee every now and then. She also cleans her home.

*names changed to protect the identities of the people we help.

Launchpad runs an English language group for people whose first language is English and want to improve their written and verbal skills. We recently had three people complete the group and are now moving on towards qualifications in English. A stepping stone for them.

Movie of the month

The commuter. A train station employee is alarmed to discover that a number of commuters are taking the train to a town that shouldn’t exist. When he investigates for himself, he comes face to face with an alternate reality that forces him to confront his own struggles around his relationship with his wife and his very troubled son. A real wistful and thoughtful film.

Website of the month

New analysis links 30,000 excess deaths in 2015 to cuts in health and social care >