Preventing Homelessness in Reading

CEO blog April

One of our clients has recently come down with a terrible debilitating disease. Sara* is in her late 30s and her life has dramatically changed. Amongst other things she finds it difficult to walk. Our staff with some brilliant support from Reading Borough Council have managed to find her a ground floor flat with a wet room. Sara has now moved into this flat and receives the care and support she so desperately needs. Everyone at Launchpad wishes her well for the future

We are seeing a number of clients moving to County Durham, with an appalling shortage of housing in the south of England they are making a gamble to see if they can start a new life there. It’s a high risk strategy for them but all they want is a place to call home. I’ll update you on how one of our clients John* who has been waiting for accommodation for a number of months gets on in Durham. It’s a tough ask for John as an ex-child in care who suffered terrible abuse.

Potential footballer? Launchpad tries to get our clients involved in activities from employment training to sports activities. One of our clients, Mark* was playing in a football game whilst another team were training on another pitch. At the end of the game their coach approached Mark asked would he like to train with their team! Great news for Mark fingers crossed. He could be another Ross Barkley!

*Names changed to protect the people we help

Film of the month
The Good Lie. A wonderful story of a group of Sudanese refugees coming to America. A story of hope against an appalling background of loss and genocide. Watch the trailer from the film here >

TV Series of the month
The Good Fight. A new American series about a female lawyer just about to retire who discovers she has been robbed by a Ponzi scheme. Suddenly she has to start off her professional life again.