Preventing Homelessness in Reading

CEO blog December

Sometimes people ask me, what does Launchpad exactly do? Most people know we house over 110 individuals and families but sometimes people don’t know we run a Drop-in and work with some of the most desperate individuals on the streets of Reading. Each month we see well over a 100 people at the Drop-in, here are some examples of the work we do.

A woman in her 30s, who has managed to overcome her addiction problem, moved into a small flat. She moved in with nothing apart from a sleeping bag, kettle and microwave. Launchpad has helped her to get a bed, furniture including curtains and a carpet. Slowly but surely we are helping her build a home.

A man in his 50s suffering from a non-treatable brain injury. He is currently being evicted by his housing association for rent arrears. Launchpad`s solicitor is fighting the eviction in court whilst Launchpad staff try and sort his finances out. We want to keep him safe in his housing association flat.

Launchpad also receive dozens of emails each month, each equally desperate. Sometimes from parents worried about their adult children, “we are very concerned that he has nowhere to live after that date … can you help”. Sometimes from people being evicted “my landlord handed me a possession order for the 26th October I’m still here …. my situation is making me worry and it’s making me depressed and anxious … I have three children”. We respond to these emails and try to get them to come to the Drop-in so we can offer them advice and sometimes legal representation.

Launchpad also have a MEAM staff member. MEAM = Making Every Adult Matter. What does that mean see the website link below. One of our members of staff is working with a person who has been living on the streets for nearly two years. They have mental health and drug issues and are not in receipt of any benefits. Launchpad staff are trying to put this persons life back together with support right across the community. It is incredibly difficult but we will attempt to help her get her life together.

TV Series of the month

Nobel TV series, incredible drama series about the Norwegian armed intervention in Afghanistan. The series switches from home lives of returning soldiers to corruption in Afghanistan and Norway. Wonderful series.

Book of the month

The Great Unexpected by Dan Mooney. A wonderful poignant tale of two elderly men in an old people`s home and their plans for the future.


The poorest 20% of people in England lost an average of 11% of their incomes as a result of austerity, compared with zero losses for the top fifth of households. Read more >


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