Preventing Homelessness in Reading

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Off to work
We have two people starting work this week. Sophie* is aged 29 and has been with Launchpad for nearly a year now. She had a complex and unhappy family life and found herself homeless. She has used her time at Launchpad to settle herself and to try and get herself into work. She joined the Job Club, completed several training courses and was eventually successful with a job application. She is now on two weeks training before she joins a specialist HR company.

Jack* has been with Launchpad for nearly two years and is in his late 50`s. He found life in the community difficult and drifted into homelessness. He joined Launchpad`s Job Club and has a new job working as caretaker, fantastic news and he is so happy. I wish them both luck in their new jobs.

*names changed to protect the privacy of the people we help.

Thank you
Reading is a fantastic community. It has given us tremendous support over the Christmas period and all the gifts, help and donations have been used to try and make life better for those in a less fortunate positions than ourselves. Thank you for that support.

Remember homelessness can affect anyone, read this article from the Guardian >

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. A wonderful story of a young woman in 1960 Britain trying to make her way as a comedy writer.

I was part of that lucky generation that could buy a house on three times a normal income, that would be for a two bedroom house for £87k! Our housing policy is a disgrace >

TV series
The Crown. Wonderful look at the world of politics and royalty in the early 1950s. I found it compulsive viewing.