Preventing Homelessness in Reading

CEO blog April

It is difficult to see people on the streets, seeing the same person day after day and wondering why doesn’t someone do something. It is difficult to hear life stories from the people living on the streets and wondering why isn’t someone doing something. It is important to understand that the key to change is the person on the street. There is former client of Launchpad, Peter,* begging on the street, he`s a bright intelligent man. I buy him lunch diner or tea, he likes cheese, not keen on cakes and drinks lattes. We talk about the books he is reading and where he is sleeping. Peter is a heroin addict, more than anything else I want to move him back into our accommodation but when he left it cost us over £2,000 to clean his room. It was full of needles and blood soaked items. I tell him him to come into Launchpad when he wants to get off the streets. I have been waiting for five months but he has yet to see us. I will probably see him at lunchtime today. Peter hopefully will grab the opportunity to change at some point, but all we can do at times is point people in the right direction, offer them a helping hand and hopefully at some point they will grab it.

Terance* is a 61 year old former class A drug user. He has been clean for eight months, he is now working in a supermarket. He has been there for four months and he loves it. It is the first job he has had for four years, he pays his rent and is hopeful of moving on into a bedsit.

*names changed to protect the people we help

Film of the month

The Death of Stalin. Wonderful satire on the death of Stalin and the fight for power after his death. Truly terrifying to think that it is based on real life.

Book of the month

Aberystwyth Mon Amour by Malcolm Pryce. Schoolboys are disappearing all over Aberystwyth and nobody knows why. Louie Knight, the town’s private investigator, soon realises that it is going to take more than a double ripple from Sospan, the philosopher cum ice-cream seller, to help find out what is happening to these boys and whether or not Lovespoon, the Welsh teacher, Grand Wizard of the Druids and controller of the town, is more than just a sinister bully. And just who was Gwenno Guevara? A wonderful funny read.

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