Preventing Homelessness in Reading

CEO blog September

Begging and being street homeless are completely different things. Begging is normally about drug addiction whilst street homelessness is about despair and loss. Despair in the position the person is in and loss in terms of the lack of support the person has.

Reading Borough Council found 60-year-old John* rough sleeping in the bike sheds at Reading Railway Station. Launchpad moved quickly to get him into one of our shared flats. He is now being supported and off the streets. Hopefully, we should have him back on his own two feet within a short time, safe and sound.

One of our clients Jeanne*, in her early 50s is moving on after a number of years living with Launchpad. Problems with alcohol and anti-social behaviour meant that her moving into her own accommodation was fraught with danger. Danger of further bouts of alcohol abuse and violent behaviour would put any new tenancy in jeopardy. She has now learnt to control her intake of alcohol and has become a quieter, more insightful person. Jeanne moves out on Monday to her new flat and is very excited to have her own place.

*names changed to protect the identity of the people we help

TV Series of the month

The Promise, fascinating four part series about a Jewish grandfather and his granddaughter and their interaction with Palestine / Israel in 1948 and 2011. Fascinating series.

 Worst TV series of the month

The Mist (10 episodes!) appalling remake of the Mist written by Stephen King. Lost 10 hours of my life to a poor series, but I had to see what happened at the end.

Book of the month

Ghost on the Throne by James Romm. Wonderful story set in the years after the death of Alexander the Great.