Preventing Homelessness in Reading

Housing with support

We house 145 people and with individual, professional support we help them to get their lives back on track

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Preventing homelessness

Floating Support is the national name for our service that helps prevent homelessness in Reading

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Available to anyone in Reading who needs housing or homelessness-related advice

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Begging and rough sleeping aren’t the same. The majority of people in Reading who beg aren't homeless. Please don’t give money direct to those begging in the town.

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Big Sleep Out 2017

Friday 1 September. Get sponsored to Sleep Out for just one night, so others don’t have to.

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Opening Doors, Changing Lives

There are many faces of homelessness from rough sleepers to families crammed in temporary poor quality B&Bs or individuals relying on a friend’s floor or sofa. They are all without a home of their own. Some people are easy to help; others are very hard to help. Behind every individual there’s a hidden story.

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Behind our brightly coloured doors

Our next event:

Big Sleep Out

1 September 2017

Our annual Big Sleep Out raises money and awareness of the realities of sleeping rough. Get sponsored to Sleep Out for just one night, so others don’t have to. Raising money and awareness during the Autumn, helping to prevent homelessness in Winter.

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Need help?

Are you at risk of being homeless, sleeping rough or worried about someone?

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Three ways you can help

Donate. We need your donations. We can’t prevent homelessness in Reading without your support.

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Join in: Run your own fundraising event; get involved in the Big Sleep Out and the Broad Street Pancake Race; run a marathon or sky dive; volunteer. We rely on the incredible generosity of local people, companies and groups.

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Raise awareness. Behind every homeless person is a hidden story. Find out about all the different faces of homelessness and help raise awareness.

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Meet Daniel

I’m from a small family from a nice part of Reading with just an older brother. I went to a good local primary school, I loved sport and playtime, but in the classroom I felt different to the other children.

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August News

Most of us are lucky enough not to know what it feels like to sleep rough. Our Big Sleep Out is a small insight into what it might be like to exist without a safe place to call home. Register to take part today.

Find out more about how bee keeping is having a postive impact on clients. See us at the Reading Dragon Boat race and Reading Pride.

And Launchpad volunteer Matt’s, Race to the Stones fundraising event with friends that raised over £3,000!

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CEO blog August

Begging in Reading is not solely linked to homelessness. Over half the people begging in the town centre have accommodation. They normally beg to feed their drug habit. Of the other half of those begging roughly a quarter aren’t from Reading. They also use the money to feed their drug habit.

Only one in four of those begging in Reading are actually homeless. We need these people to access the service available to them to stop the cycle of drug misuse and homelessness. We need to stop giving money to people begging on the streets of Reading.

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Green Park Royal Berks 10K

On a sunny Sunday 21 May our team of 18 runners including Patron Lord Carnarvon, plus 6 year old Oscar running his first race the mini mile and 9 year old Lucie running 3K, have raised over £12,000!

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